Planning for Retirement Part 1 – Conquering Debt

Borrowing money against your 401K is typically not a good idea because if you leave your employment prior to full repayment, the outstanding balance becomes due and payable immediately.  Therefore, ensure any 401K loan can be repaid before you leave your job.

Loan amount will be added as a type of income on your taxes. If you cannot pay a 401(k) loan back when you leave your job, you may be considered in default of the loan and be required to add the amount you received as a type of income on your tax return for that year.  For example, if you earned $60,000 in 2016 and are in default of a $40,000 401(k) loan, your taxable income for 2016 could be at least $100,000 (before deductions).

Credit card debt is typically the most difficult to conquer.  If you carry balances on multiple cards, funnel loads of your debt repayments into that one credit card, and pay it off as quickly as possible. Pay at least the minimum amounts due on all of your cards except one. Therefore, you can have an aggressive repayment plan to pay down the balance on that one card.  Once one card is paid off, move on to another card that has the highest balance and begin the process to pay it off aggressively.

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