Do You Want to Invest in This $17000 Fidget Spinner?

We saw the fidget spinners for the first time on the cashier’s checkout counter in the hardware store.  They are $1 a piece.  We could not figure out why they had become so popular.

A jewelry designer from Russia has created a fidget spinner that sells for 1 million Russian rubles, or about $17,000 dollars.  If you love the fidget spinners, and you are a risk taker, you could buy this $17,000 dollar jewelry and keep it in your safe.  According to the jeweler, “This modern, original and ingeniously simple accessory in your hands will attract attention and will tell others about your ironic view of life, your calm and wisdom, with which you take the most important decisions, easily, as if spinning the spinner in his hand. In addition, it is a great gift option, impressive and memorable accessory for the person who has everything.”

Who knows?  It might go up in value.  Maybe 10 years later, you could offer it in the Christie’s auction house for the riches to fight for this rare piece of gem.

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