Is Credit Sesame Annoying or What?

In a nut shell, simply sends way too many marketing emails to you on a daily basis.

Today, it wants you to check what other credit cards you can possibly get, and tomorrow, it wants you to get a personal loan to cut down your credit card debt.  The emails are disguised as alerts or informational type of notifications; however, there is always a catch.  That is to get you to apply for a credit card or to apply for a personal loan.  Why?  Commission.  They need to make money.

There is a reason why they offer their service for free.  There is nothing for free nowadays.  While I understand the company needs to make money, but seriously?  One or two marketing emails every single day remind you how many more credit cards you can apply.  Come on.

In the month of July, I have received 43 emails from them.  One would think my credit score had to have gone to hell in order to get so many emails from them.  My credit score is 816.  However, their emails are trying to get me to apply unnecessary credit cards or loans.

Isn’t this just too much?

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