New MT4 EA Experiment – Buy Bullish: Set up, Rules, and Results

The Expert Adviser is fairly simple.   I apologize first if this idea has existed elsewhere.  I did not copy and I did not search extensively on the internet.  I would not know if it had been published or tested somewhere.  I basically observed EUR/USD hourly chart and had wanted to write and test this idea for a while.

  1. EUR/USD only.
  2. Buy only.
  3. Hourly chart.
  4. Lot Size:  1 Standard.
  5. Buy Market when the current candle’s open is at least 25 pips (4 decimal points), or 250 (5 decimal points) higher than the previous candle’s open.

    For example:

    4 decimal points:
    current candle’s open 1.1800.  Previous candle’s open 1.1770.   30 pips higher.  Buy Market is triggered.

    5 decimal points:
    Current candle’s open 1.18300.  Previous candle’s open 1.17900.  40 pips higher.  Buy Market is triggered.

  6. When loss reaches $222, close the order – stop loss.
  7. When profit reaches $555, close the order – take profit.
That’s it.
Started the EA on 7/17, the current results are positive.  4 gains and 2 losses.  The net profit is $1,776 minus interest charges.

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