Another Day and Another All Time High for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is currently back above $11,000 again.

Just a few days ago, Bitcoin fell below $10,000 after hitting the all time high of $11,485 for the very first time.  The daily chart on that particular day was sending a warning signal however.  If you are a chart technical analysis guy, that day’s bar looks like a Japanese candlestick Doji, which typically sends a possible reversal warning.  The next day, another Doji was formed on the chart.  Although a Doji is not a reversal bar, nor does it mean a reversal is immediate, it does tell us the price has entered the ‘war zone’ between the buyers and sellers.

There is no reversal yet.  Today, Bitcoin has reached the all time high again at $11,740.  Even I am just sitting on the side line and watching the drama unfolding right before me, my heart is pounding in my ears.

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