S&P 500: Parabolic SAR Moves up to 3850 Tomorrow

The Parabolic SAR will probably sit at 3850 tomorrow.  It’s getting close.  Today’s low was 3885.  Will S&P 500 drop 63 points tomorrow?  It’s doubtful, considering there is really no bad news out there.  The sentiment remains bullish and complacent.  

I also want to share a few Fibonacci extension levels charts.

The first one does not look quite right, does it?  I set the first wave up, high on 3/31/2021, retracement low on 4/1/2021.  It did predicts correctly on a few highs and lows, but not quite there.  

The second chart looks much better.  I set the first wave high on 4/29/2021 and the retracement low on 5/14/2021.  However, it predicts the 161.8% high at 3884.  Now, the index is above that level, and 3884 does provide some support.

The last chart also looks good.  I set the first wave high on 6/8/2021 and the retracement low on 6/15/2021.  The 100% high is at 4006.  

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