S&P 500 Weekly Parabolic SAR Chart 4/14/2021 – 6 Months up and More? What a Rosy Picture for Us All.

 The weekly Parabolic SAR turned bullish on the week of 10/20/2020.  By 4/20/2021, it will have accomplished an incredible uptrend for 6 months without any major correction.  This morning, Goldman Sachs delivered the mind blowing quarterly results.  The futures of the 3 major indices are up.  JetBlue got upgraded.  Its stock price has returned to the pre-COVID level; however, it’s still losing money and the air traffic is nowhere near the pre-COVID level.  It does not matter, right?  It’s all about forward looking.  The future paints a beautifully rosy picture for all of us.

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