Delta’s Global Upgrade Certificates Are Excellent Benefits

Delta’s Global Upgrade Certificate gives you the best value of the choice benefits as a Diamond Medallion.  

Here are the Diamond members’ Choice Benefits and their evaluation:

Upgrade Certificates 4 Global OR 8 Regional OR 2 Global AND 4 Regional (2017 Medallion Year only) $1,000+ PER GLOBAL UPGRADE CERTIFICATE
LAX to JFK is worth more than SEA to LAX.
Global Entry Application Voucher 2 Vouchers ($100 each) $200
Delta Sky Club® Executive Membership Upgrade 1 Membership Upgrade VARIES
Depending on how many times one brings family members to the club.  Each guest costs $29 per visit.  20 visits are worth $580.
Bonus Miles 25,000 $300+
Travel/Retail Gift Card 1 $200 DELTA VOUCHER
Give Medallion status Gold Medallion N/A
It really comes down to the complimentary upgrades to the First Class.  We know it is even difficult for a Diamond member to get a free upgrade.  Gold status is pretty much meaningless.

I recently used the Global Upgrade Certificates to upgrade my flights from Seattle to Taipei.  The round trip economy ticket cost $823.  I bought 2 so the total cost was $1,646.

A Delta One ticket was selling for $4,500 on the same flights.

I called Delta and was able to upgrade both tickets to Delta One.  Total savings:  $9,000 – $1,646 = $7,354.

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