Are You Throwing Money Away? Part 2

You can read part 1 here.

  1. Leaving unused appliances turned on or plugged in

    Leaving lights, computer screens, or fans on when you don’t use them is wasting energy.  Remembering  to turn them off will get you lower your energy bills.

  2. Playing the credit card balance transfer games

    Balance transfer is not really free.  Although the interest rate is 0% for a certain period of time, there are often fees associated with it.  Typically, the fees can range from 1% to 5%.  If you are unable to pay off the balance when the term expires, the interest rate jumps much higher.  You may think you can just transfer the balance to another offer.  However, this is a sign that tells you that you are in some sort of financial trouble.  You should take a closer look at your finances and cut spending.

  3. Only drinks bottled water

    Save the money and buy a water filter for your faucet or a water filter pitcher.

  4. Paying checking account fees

    Do me a favor.  Internet is your friend.  Google absolutely free checking and choose the banks that offer absolutely free checking.  Banks do need $8 a month from your account to maintain your account.  That is ridiculous.

  5. Gym membership

    If you don’t use it, cancel it.  Don’t lie to yourself.  Just thinking you’ll head back to the gym next week does not mean you would.  Before you know it, you have already given your gym hundreds of dollars by sitting at home.

  6. Missing payments and paying late

    Sign up the paperless bills so you always get them in your inbox.  To protect yourself even better, set up a recurring reminder in your calendar on your phone or computer.  This way, you’ll get an alert that a bill may be due.  Sign into your account and check if a payment has been scheduled.  Most companies will charge you a late fee, as much as $40.  Some credit card companies might cancel your promotional rate if you fail to pay on time.   This will also adversely affect your credit score.

  7. Not shopping around for your prescription drugs

    Not all pharmacies are created equal.  While pharmacy A may charge you $20 to fill your prescription, pharmacy B only charges $5.  Call them and ask how much it will cost you.  

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