S&P 500 Parabolic SAR Turned Bullish Again

 How far up can S&P 500 go this time?

This is the daily chart.  S&P 500 touched 3900 but did not manage to close above it on 3/9/2021; however the Parabolic SAR indicator turned bullish on that day.  The question is whether the current uptrend will look like A in the chart or B.  Nonetheless, the current uptrend will last for a few weeks or so at least; therefore, the Parabolic SAR indicator could catch up unless, we get some really negative news, and the S&P 500 index drops 200 points, or a 5%+ fall. 

The SAR indicator also turned bullish on the weekly chart after a one-week reversal.  It also indicates the current uptrend is here to stay for at least 5 weeks if the markets stay within the normal conditions.



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