Did You Know These 10 Retailers Had File for Bankruptcy Protection Since the Beginning of 2017?

The disaster continues for the apparel retailers because the shopping habits have changed drastically.

Back in the days, the fancy pairs of jeans or the trendy designer shoes were the hottest things consumers wanted.  Not any more.  They have been replaced by iPhones or Samsung, the biggest flat screen TVs, and the next trendiest electronic gadgets. 

I, for example, went to the mall only twice this year.  Both times were because I was waiting for a family member to finish the doctor’s appointment and I had an hour to kill.  Both times I was there, I didn’t buy anything.  Did I see something I liked?  Hell, yes, but I thought I could look it up on Amazon and it probably cost less.

Here are the 10 retailers that have filed for bankruptcy protection since the beginning of 2017.

  1. Payless Shoes
  2. Rue21
  3. Gymboree
  4. Cornerstone Apparel  
  5. True Religion  
  6. Alfred Angelo 
  7. Perfumania
  8. Vitamin World
  9. Aerosoles
  10. Toys R Us 

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