Bitcoin’s Free Fall – Lost Almost $10,000 in a Week

If you own Bitcoin, how do you sleep at night? 

In just a week, this thing managed to lose almost $10,000.  On the same token, can this happen to the U.S. equity market?

On Sunday, December 17, Bitcoin hit the new intraday record high of $19,891.  That was 5 days ago.  This morning, I woke up and saw the low of $10,400.  It has certainly been a volatile week for Bitcoin.  I don’t think one can look at the Bitcoin chart and perform a sound technical analysis.  It can be a disaster today, and you may see $20,000 on the Christmas Day. 

For those who are 100% in the U.S. equities, this is some food for thought.  The U.S. is raising rates, so bonds suck.  The stock market is rising just like Bitcoin.  Where can you hide your investments to protect yourself?

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