Save Money by Cooking at Home

Eating out is convenient but costly.  Cooking at home does not have to be a chore.  You can do it and watch your favorite Netflix movie at the same time.  It can be a lot of fun.  In the end, you’ll pocket some money and put it in your 401(k) toward your retirement.

The easiest way is get an easy-to-use cookbook.  Nowadays, you can google any recipe online.  You don’t even need a book.  You get to cook whatever you like and whatever you want just by googling.  You don’t need the fancy meal kits delivered to you, which cost you an arm and a leg

Think about the $10 that you would spend on breakfast and coffee, $10 for a sandwich meal, $8 for a snack in the afternoon, another $10 for a Chipotle dinner.  That is almost $40 a day.  If you eat at a restaurant, that will cost you $20 a meal easily at least. 

You can get a week worth of recipes ready before you shop at the grocery store.  Of course, you must allow certain snacks for yourself.  Stick to the list when you shop.  The purpose is prevent the impulse shopping.  When you see enough groceries for a week’s worth of meals that cost so much less than the money spent on a handful of meals by eating out, it puts things into perspective.

The benefits of cooking at home are more than just saving money.  You eat healthier too.  You become more self aware of what you put in your stomach.  That gradually turns into a good healthy eating habit. 

Start cooking or learning to cook today.  Don’t delay.

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