The Euro Was up While the U.S. Stocks Tumbled

It’s been a fairly active Tuesday in terms of my MT4 EA trading activities.

The EUR/USD found the short term support at around 1.2340, and began its ascend during the European session.  The pair went up 110 pips or so to 1.2450 before it stalled. 

The economic data released from the euro zone today was not that good.  It was unclear as to what sent the euro up 110 pips against the U.S. dollar from 1.2340 to 1.2450.

Yesterday, Praet said that the ECB had not yet met its inflation goal, hinting that the QE would still continue for some time.  The message, along with the soaring yields of the U.S. Treasuries, made the euro tumble against the dollar.

There have been 3 trades triggered from my MT4 EA since the last update.  Only 1 of them was profitable.  The other two were losses.

The strategy can be found here.

The latest result can be found here.

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