The Stock Market: The Correction That Never Comes

Yet, those who are waiting for a correction still does not give up hope.

Fresh out of the oven from investing website, the latest analysis explains why the correction may be imminent.  It compares the current market condition to the previous 2 large pullbacks, the tech bubble in 2000 and the real estate crisis in 2008.

So far this year, investors have made as much in half of the year as what they used to do over a year.  The NASDAQ is up 22% thus far.  The uptrend momentum has been phenomenal amid the ongoing positive economic data and strong earnings.

The highest risk in our market now is a slowdown in China.  It’s a risk and not yet reality.  The numbers that came out from China had been good.  However, due to its pile of debt and lower economic growth, the International Monetary Fund warned that China could spark the next financial crisis last month.  Of course, China did rebuff that statement.

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