Save Money by Not Buying Expensive Toys for Your Kids

Raising a kid costs a lot of money.  It was estimated to be $233,610 to raise a child before the age of 18 for a middle class couple, so the college expense was not even included in the estimate.  $233,610 divided by 17 comes to $13,741.  That’s how much you could spend on a kid a year.  If you are ready to save some money and become the not-so-cool parents, read on. 

The rule of thumb: Remember the good old days when we swim in the pond, play in the field, ride our bikes in the park?  There is no reason why our children should be any different.  What is the excuse that makes us think our children need the most advanced technology to be entertained or educated?  Is it the peer pressure?  Is it our jealousy because others have them so they appear to be more superior?  Is it that our friends are able to share and brag on Facebook and have more Likes?

My Kid Is the Next Bill Gate

The trendiest toys such as electronic toys, game consoles, or even children’s tablets can seem so important; especially, when the product is labeled as educational.   To be honest, if you don’t want your kids to spend much time watching TV, why would you buy them a tablet or a game console so they can spend more time on a screen? 

My Kid Can Build Football Stadiums

How about those gigantic play sets and castles?  Aren’t they just an eye sore?  Not only they are not at all visually appealing, but we must learn to clean around them, walk around them, and most importantly, not to step on a toy and fall on them.  Why do you want to buy such things to torture yourself? 

My Kid Is the Reincarnation of Beethoven 

How about those Piano lessons, dance lessons, or Taekwondo classes?  Before you sign up, think about whether your kids really like it and what they will do with it. 

I have had piano lessons for about 2 years.  It was fun and I liked it when I was in the grade school.  That’s about it.  I have never played it again since.  I remembered my mom told me to practice because I was wasting money if I didn’t.  My grandma loved to brag, “My grandson can play the piano beautifully.”  2 years later, I lost my interest in piano.  My mom gave the piano away because it was just collecting dust in the house.  My grandma continued to brag, “My grandson USED to play the piano beautifully, but he IS now wasting his talent.”

My Kid Is the Successor of Michael Kors 

Clothes.  If you are buying the name brand clothes for your kids, it’s too extravagant.  There is no need to pay $100 for a label, or any label.  Kids grow.  The designer clothes can only last a few months to a year.  It would be like throwing away $500 a year for some superficial praises, “Aw, Nancy looks so adorable in that little dress.”

My Kid Can Travel around the World in 80 Days  

I am going to take my baby to Disney World, and my baby is only 2. 

What do you think your 2-year-old can remember?  Nothing.  Your baby will want to go again when he or she is 7.  That $2,000 Disney vacation money can be better spent elsewhere.  

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