S&P 500 Monthly Return Chart: Is a Frequent Monthly Return over 5% the New Norm?

I was looking at the S&P 500 monthly return chart.  It used to be the 5%+ monthly return occurred after a a big dip in the previous month.  However, we have had 4 over 5% monthly return in 2020.  We could exclude the April one because there were 2 sharp drops prior.  That still leaves us three, especially in November, 2020, it registered a whopping 10.75%.  I know.  Nasdaq went up 40%.  Tesla went through the roof.

Today, the S&P closed at 3913.  That means it’s been up more than 5% since January 31, 2021.  If we have a good month in February, it’s quite possible March might be a tough month.

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